Kaisa, Chefsutvecklare – Laundry Society:

I would ideally want a spacious laundry room, where I have plenty of space for everything. A room where I can fit everything in without feeling crowded and a large worktop where I can fold my washing. The room doesn’t have to be huge as so much can be done with clever design features such as fold-away worktops and drying devices. Everything can fit in if there the room is well-organized and tidy. In the laundry room, there should also be one area with water, sink or washtub, where I can rinse or wash my clothes by hand. A place where I can keep all the different products so that I can easily get an overview of what I have available and pick out the best solution for each individual garment.

Hangers, pegs, laundry bags in various sizes and towels for when garments have to lay flat to dry. With clever storage and shelving, you can have ample space even if the room is not all that large. Dimmer lighting makes it easy to vary the brightness depending on the task in hand.

Hang up the garments that are to be treated with laundry spray / functional freshener. Spray and let the freshener soak into the garment. As and when the weather permits, I love drying our laundry outdoors. Fresh air gives laundry, which has been left to drip-dry outdoors, a special, very pleasant scent.

In my laundry room, I want to be able to enjoy lovely music and chill out for while as I am folding or ironing our clothes. I get pleasure from doing the laundry and it feels good to spend that extra moment to really care for our garments.

Now that Laundry Society products are available, I want to spend lots of time in my laundry room. I want to be able to adjust the lighting and the space to suit my needs. Use the worktop for stain removal or to fold everything neatly. Excellent lighting is a must and then music or an audiobook depending on what I fancy at that precise moment. Or perhaps listen to a meditation?

Carina, Sales Coordinator at Laundry Society

I dream of a laundry room where you can put the dirty washing in a chute upstairs, it slides down a pipe and ends up in one of the laundry baskets in the basement; one basket for whites and one for colors. The chute should ideally sound an alarm if someone happens to put an item in the wrong pipe. ūüėČ

Beautiful walls and flooring would instil a sense of wanting to spend time there, make you feel as though it is important to care for your clothes and make you want to set aside precious time for this chore.

Practical hanging devices that can be unfolded or extended from the beautiful walls, only to disappear invisibly into the background when nothing needs to hang there to dry.  For the purpose of laying garments flat to dry, I wish I could have a rack with several layers that riseup from the worktop with a simple push of a button whenever you need it. A washing machine that plays music and that will send you a text message when the cycle is finished.

An area for ironing where the steam function of the iron is connected via a hose to an invisible tap, which means it will never run out of waterand will never need a refill. And yes, the iron can run on normal water. It will sense when the fabric is crease-resistant and will do whatever it takes to get a smooth ironed surface.


Many of our ideas are probably difficult or quite simply impossible to implement, others just take a little bit longer to realize. When we started discussing washing routines we realized that what we missed the most was peace and quiet during the laundry time, hence this is why we wanted to start there. You should feel you have the time and knowledge to take care of clothes and textiles so that these items are given the TLC they require. This ensures that they can be enjoyed for longer, both by the current owner, by a sibling that inherits the garment or perhaps there will be a different new owner in the future.


When you are conscious of your laundry routines and make sure you don’t just stick to your force of habit, you actively contribute to cleaner water. You look at clothes with new, critical eyes and notice when there is an item that doesn’t actually have to go through a washing cycle right now. Not yet. You use a functional freshener instead and revive the garment with one of our Laundry sprays. They are anti-bacterial or have other functions and smell just the way you want your clothes to; fresh, clean and crisp.


So listen to your favoritetunes or perhaps pick out a whole new playlist specifically for the laundry room. We have created playlists on Spotify and added them under the heading of each individual scent. Feel free to listen and let us know what you think. To experience a sense of tranquilitywhen you pull out the clean load from the washing machine is just blissful. The scent. The freshness. Mmmmm. That is all you need to get your new laundry routine off the ground.