So what do calcium-rich water and Skånerost coffee have in common? Have you ever wondered why coffee roast Skåne tastes much better in Skåne county than anywhere else in the country? It’s because of the water.

All over the globe, we have different quality and varying hardness of water. In Sweden, we have soft, medium hard or hard water and in the southern county of Skåne, the water is hard, which means the coffee beans will have to be roasted that little bit longer in order to develop the flavors. In soft water areas, you generally have to be tougher than the average Skåne-resident if you hope to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of Skånerost. You might even have to line your stomach with a couple of bananas first.

When we developed our Clean Machine No. 71 we had Skånerost coffee in mind as well as the areas of the world where people have to live with hard, which has a tendency to clog up washing machines. Apart from the Skåne region, Gotland, Denmark and large areas in southern Europe can be affected by their calcium-rich water. Clean Machine No. 71 is our washing machine cleaner that breaks down the calcium deposits and makes your washing machine clean and sparkly again. A clever twist in the product composition even makes it effective on issues brought on by soft water. Namely bacteria!

In soft water, bacteria gather more easily and linger in the washing-cycle residue such as enzymes, dead skin cells, dirt etc. If you wash your clothes in 30 degrees C, which is extremely favorableto bacteria, it won’t be long before you have created a most gorgeous environment for bacteria to grow in. If bacteria are given something to live on, they will grow and unpleasant smells will develop. The bacteria are then flushed down the pipes, into the washing machine and straight into the next load of washing. Well, you get it….

How to use our washing machine cleaner

Measure out 50ml of Clean Machine No. 71 and pour into the detergent compartment of the washing machine. The cleaner will do most good if it is poured into the detergent drawer as it will then travel one more leg into the machine and not just out of it. Choose a program with 60 degrees C and run it with an empty machine. I.e. no clothes or other loadinside the drum! When this cycle has finished, your machine will be clean and ready to tackle whatever laundry you’d like to throw at it.

Pretty nice to have a clean washing machine!

… and perhaps a steaming cup of coffee too.