Viscose is a natural material, but the manufacturing process is somewhat contrived. The fabric is made out of cellulose, which has been treated as a fibre, spun and woven to make a textile.

The finished material feels soft, cool and pleasant on your skin. A fabric that hangs beautifully and hardly creases at all. Simple to care for and can be washed lukewarm or cool water. Viscose tends to shrink a little when washed and the advice is, therefore, to stretch the garment gently when wet, especially around the seams. Iron if needed.

Other names or types of viscose include modal, lyocel, tencel and rayon. Cupro is a variant made out of cotton waste.

How to care for your viscose garments:

For viscose, we recommend our Detergent Delicate wash No. 203. Wash by hand or in the washing machine. Fabric spray Teawood No. 502, Fresh Linen No. 503 or Wild Lavender No. 504 can be used when you just want to refresh and revitalize your clothes and stains are most effectively removed with Stain Away No. 72.

Good luck with your viscose garment!