Your new laundry ritual
Nowadays the words doing the laundry often have a negative feeling to it, and seems like just hard work and a time consuming must. This we wish to change!
As time is hard to find for most of us, we need to take care of it in the right way. By apply a complete new washing ritual with Laundry Society you will have the right tools to save time, keep you garments much longer, and at the same time, care for the environment. Be inspired and find a peaceful and relaxing moment doing the laundry!

Prepare your washing machine:
Please prepare your washing machine by running an empty machine at 60°C , any programme,  with 1/3 of our Clean Machine No. 71. (no textiles!) Your machine is now refreshen and clean inside and in pipes, ready to be used.

Separate wet and dry laundry wash:
• Wet laundry wash is used with water and detergent in a washing machine or by hand.

• Dry laundry wash is treated easy and quick with our Fabric Sprays.

Wet laundry wash:

Pretreat stains easy with our Stain Away No. 72. Just cover the stain with Stain Away No. 72 and gently rub with our Stain brush or using your fingers. Empty the pockets an close the zips. Use laundry bags if you wish to protect garment from each other during machine washing. That is a good way to keep your T-shirts without unwanted holes. Select the garments that shall be washed together based on material, degrees and color. Use suitable detergent. Delicate wash No.203 for delicate and fine fabrics, stretch, viscose, mixed, wool, silk etc. Cotton & Linen wash No.204 for cotton, linen and other durable material. Select and run the proper washing program. Hang the laundry to air dry, if nothing else is stated on the garment label. If you wish to add an extra touch of softness, use our Fabric Spray No. 503. This is also to be used for antistatic effect.

Your new laundry ritual

Dry laundry wash:
When your clothes have been worn , but not soiled, you can easily freshen them up with our Fabric sprays. Highly refrehing and with light cleaning effects. Hang your clothes on a hanger or washing line. 4-6 sprays to be distributed evenly across the garment. This is also to be used on pillows, curtains, blankets etc. A quick and easy way to take care of your garments when machine wash is not needed or if you don’t have the time right now, but still need to freshen up your garments. We wish our Fabric sprays  will be the main part of your new washing ritual. It will give you a sustainable wardrobe, environment and less stressful laundry life. # weekdays

Why not listen to our recommended music lists, and enjoy a moment of time surrounding by the pleasent  scents of clean and beauty laundry. Take some extra time to let the scents forfill you as you folds. Mindfulness can be wherever you want it to be. Slowly folding each garment,  beeing attend only to that moment.

Your new laundry ritual, Laundry Society –  A new, innovative way to care for your clothes