Wash Spray – Antiseptic Denim No 501


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A laundry spray that kills germs and has been specially developed for jeans and denim. Extend the time period between washes. Selvage denim should not be rushed, but to get that comfortable worn-in look and feel over time. Even better if washing is avoided altogether. This is why our Functional Freshener Antiseptic Denim is an important product as it antiseptically refreshes and revives the jeans, with a lovely scent that suits the denim fabric perfectly.

• Content: 150ml / 5 Fl. Oz.
• Scent: Denim
• Purpose: Antiseptic, refresh & revive
• Suitable for: All denim in general and selvagein particular.

Ingredients: Ethanol, Nonionic surfactants <5%, parfum

In stock

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Description of the laundry ritual:

  1. Sort and hang the jeans and other denim garments in need of refreshing out to air.
  2. Functional Freshener Antiseptic Denim No. 501 is antibacterial and developed for denim that needs to be revived without the unnecessary wear and tear an ordinary washing procedure would cause.
  3. Hang your garments neatly on a clotheslineor hanger and spray evenly all over. Leave to air for a few minutes before they are ready to wear or be returned to the wardrobe.

Tip – Perfect to use on selvagejeans that should avoid ordinary washing cycles.