Wash Spray – Fresh Linen No 503


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Wash Spray Fresh Linen No. 503 is highly refreshing with ligth cleaning effect that also helps to soften your garment and neutralises static electricity. By using o Fresh Linen No.503 you can avoid using unnecessary softener on everything in the wash and can target the few individual pieces that actually require this treatment. The  fragrance enhances the clean and newly washed sensation.

• Content: 150ml / 5 Fl.Oz.
• Scent: Fresh Linen
• Purpose: Highly refreshes & revive, with light cleaning effect. Also with a light anti-static effect.
• Suitable for: All garments and textiles that can withstand water. Also for clothing in need of softening or antistatic treatment.
• Packing: 100% recycable

In stock

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Description of the laundry ritual:

1. Separate dry garments from wet, newly-washed garments.

2. Wash Spray Fresh Linen No. 503 is specifically designed for clothes that you would have normally washed with added softener.

3. Hang your garments neatly on a clothesline or hanger and spray evenly all over. Leave to air for a few minutes before they are ready to wear or be returned to the wardrobe.

Tip – This laundry spray can be used directly onto newly-washed garments, where you wish to achieve an antistatic effect and a softer feel.