Wash Spray – Teawood No 502


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A laundry spray that neutrilise nasty niffs and cooking smells that might cling to your clothes. Tea is well known for its scent-neutralising characteristics and has a subtle fragrance without being overbearing. We have utilised this and work with tea in the scent we call Teawood. Spray the insides of jackets, suit jackets, blazers, in armpits of garments that are not washed very frequently, inside sleeping bags, backpacks, sneakers etc.

  • Content: 150ml / 5 Fl. Oz.
  • Scent: Teawood
  • Purpose: To neutralise odour
  • Suitable for: Inside of suit jackets and shoes, yoga mat, sportswear, sleeping bags, backpacks and much more. For all fabrics and garments that can withstand water.
  • Packing: 100% recycable 

In stock

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Description of the laundry ritual:

  1.  Prep any smelly garments and textile, which are difficult to wash or where there isn’t enough time for a washing cycle.  
  2.  Wash Spray Teawood No. 502 eliminates nasty niffs and cooking smells that might cling to your clothes.
  3.  Hang your garments neatly on a clothesline or hanger and spray evenly all over. Leave to air for a few minutes before they are ready to wear or be returned to the wardrobe.

Tip – This is perfect to use on textiles, which are hard to wash, such as the inside of jackets, blazers, sleeping bags, sneakers and suitcases.