Fabric Spray – Wild Lavender No. 504


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A fabric spray to be used on textiles such as cotton and linen where you want to achieve a crisp, clean sensation, but you don’t feel the garment is soiled. Or why not spray on your pillows and onto your duvet covers half an hour before bedtime and you will get a wonderful sense of newly-washed bed linen.

• Content: 150ml / 5 Fl.Oz.
• Scent: Wild Lavender
• Purpose: Highly refreshes & revive, with light cleaning effect
• Suitable for: All garments and textiles that can withstand water.
• Packing: 100% recycable

In stock

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Laundry ritual – How to:

1. Separate dry garments from wet, newly-washed garments.

2. Fabric Spray Wild Lavender No. 504 is developed to suit textiles that need refreshing, but not dirty enough to need a wash.

3. Hang your garments neatly on a clothesline or hanger and spray evenly all over. Leave to air for a few minutes before they are ready to wear or be returned to the wardrobe.

Tip – This laundry spray can be used directly onto bed linen, cushions, soft furnishings and curtains whenever you want to spruce up your home

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