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Laundrysociety tvättspray
Soon available
Soon available
Laundrysociety tvättspray
Soon available

A range of clever products with unique functionalities for the modern and sustainable laundry room. 

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Functional fresheners

Extend the period between washes and increase the lifespan of your clothes with our laundry sprays.

Functional freshener – a quick way to wash

Spray is a modern and clever way to refresh and revive your clothes in a moment.

Finally, what we felt was missing and what we deemed impossible is now available on the market; Laundry Spray! This idea came about when we started to realize the importance of reducing the amount of denim that gets washed in the textile industry. The thought of wearing one’s jeans and letting them age gracefully and stylishly is appealing, don’t you think? But then there’s a notion of our jeans turning dirty and less appealing if they aren’t being washed on a regular basis. With Laundry Society’s Denim No. 501, you can refresh and revive your jeans simply and effectively with a spray product without having to subject your jeans to the washing machine.

Spray evenly all over the fabric and leave it to air while the product refreshes your garment. We don’t have time to wash all our clothes. Other garments should not be washed at all. One of our favorite pieces might not make it to the washing basket before we want to use it again. This is when Denim No. 501 comes along as a true lifesaver! All clothes need refreshing from time to time. That’s why we want you to discover the functional fresheners from Laundry Society. All our laundry sprays have features such as being antibacterial or neutralising unpleasant smells. Another one is a fabric conditioner in a spray bottle, which also has an antistatic effect. Our laundry sprays are also perfect to use on suits, blazers, tweed, jackets, knits, shoes, yoga mats and sportswear. The spray works a little bit like a dry shampoo on your hair. Skip a wash and use the spray instead for instantaneous freshness!

Make your wardrobe more sustainable by reducing the number of washes per garment. Laundry spray can also be used on furniture, curtains, blankets and cushions. Don’t you often find yourself wanting to give the cushions on your sofa a bit of a spruce up? Or giving the curtains a once-over? The difference between linen water and our functional fresheners is the feature that gives it the actual washing effect, i.e. antibacterial, softening or anti-odor. Our scents are unique to us and our range, and they have been created together with Grasse in France and Sweden. No wonder the fragrances are simply irresistible. Our products are plant-based, contain natural ingredients and are manufactured in Sweden. Hope you’ll find our functional fresheners simple to use and super-effective!