What is Fabric spray and Linen water?

There are different kind of fabric fresheners on the market today and it could be difficult to choose. And how does they work? We will try to explain.

Let’s begin with Linen water. This is scented water and way back it was often a scent of lavender. Linen water will freshen up the scent of linen that have been in the closet for a longer period of time. Originally Linen water is a residue from producing lavender oil. These originally Linen waters are rare to find nowadays.

The Fabric spray from Laundry Society is a kind of washing in a spray, on the go. It is highly refreshing and have light cleaning effects. Can be used as a Linen water or/and for its functions.

All Fabric sprays from Laundry Society also have a function, that is conformed to the fabrics. For example cotton, viscose or denim, with anti-static or anti-odor function.

Fabric sprays will help you to prolong time between machine washes, keeping your garments fresh and neat much longer.

How to do
Fabric sprays from Laundry Society is to be used on clothes that have been worn, but not soiled. With higly refreshing and light cleaning effects, it will balance the micro biological environement on the fabrics, preventing the growth of bacteria.

A you can see, there are different kind of fabric freshener, from scented water to advanced biotechnic for our garments. The most important thing here is that the movement have started, the movement to do less machine washes! We at Laundry Society  celebrate the wash spray revolution to save the garments, the time and the planet.

Spray on folks!

Wash jeans with spray