Fabric sprays

Functional fresheners – Fabric spray for things you don’t want to wash.

Extend the lifespan of your clothes and maintain top quality too by minimizing the number of washes. All our fabric sprays have features such as neutralising unpleasant smells or having an antistatic effect. We don’t have time to wash all our clothes all the time, some items don’t need washing and others should not be washed at all. But everything needs to be refreshed and revived every now and then. Our fabric sprays are perfect also for suits, blazers, tweed, jackets, knits, sportswear and yoga mats. These functional fresheners can also be used on soft furnishings and interior design touches such as sofas, armchairs, curtains, blankets and cushions. Save money on dry cleaning and be kind to the fabric fibers. Discover the functional fresheners from Laundry Society, all of which will spruce up your garments, have a lightly cleaning effect and smell divine!


Our wonderful enzyme-free detergents are, as much as possible, based on raw materials sourced from nature or based on natural product. These liquid detergents are gentle on your skin, kind to the environment and preserve your textiles too. The different varieties suit different textiles.
When you use our detergents, there is no need for softeners or conditioners. The clothes get an amazing freshly washed scent and should you wish to add an extra softening and/or antistatic effect to some clothes, we recommend that you treat these pieces individually with our laundry spray – Softening & Antistatic No. 503.

Special care and stains

Our Special Care & Stains programme is where you can find solutions to specific issues, for instance stain removal and washing machine care.

Special care and stains.

As we have removed enzymes from our detergents, we recommend stain removal prior to washing and to only treat each individual piece that might have stains.